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Louis Armstrong
by Judith P. Josephson

(Lerner Publications, 2008)

Among the best-loved musical sounds of the 1900s were the sweet, jazzy notes that poured from Louis Armstrong's horn. Just as famous is Louis's rough, gravelly voice. This beloved entertainer played with boundless energy for crowds all over the world. Because of his big, broad smile, the King of Jazz had many nicknames. Some people called him Dippermouth or Gatemouth. But to most fans, he was simply Satchmo. As "Ambassador Satch," Louis spread goodwill and a love for jazz. He changed the sound of American music with his exciting, powerful trumpet playing. He helped make jazz one of the world's most popular forms of music.

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Louis Armstrong

"Photographs, timelines, funny cartoons, sidebars, and personality profiles."

— Yellow Brick Road, January/February 2008

"This well-written History Makers Bios book will delight anyone with a fondness for music. The author not only tells the story of Louis Armstrong's life, but also shows readers how special Louis was with his big smile, laughter, sense of humor, and love for music. Armstrong knew that music is an international language, and he took his jazz all over the world. He also showed the world that a black man could be an artist, paving the way for black musicians who came after him."

-Through the Looking Glass

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