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Q. What famous detective chased Jesse James for sixteen years and never caught him?
A. Allan Pinkerton, founder of the Pinkerton Detective Agency

Q. What African-American poet wrote the poem "But Since You Finally Asked" to commemorate the sacrifices made by slaves in pre-Civil War America?

Hint: This poet read passages of her poem with dancer Savion Glover tap-dancing behind her at the 1998 NAACP Image awards

A. Nikki Giovanni

Q. What peppery 19th century activist marched with 400 children in the "March of the Mill Children" (1903) to draw attention to the need for child labor laws?
A. Mary Harris Jones, a.k.a. Mother Jones

Q. What African-American track and field legend won four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics?
A. Jesse Owens

Q. What is the English word for the common household object that in other languages is a parapluie, yu shan, regenschirm, ombrello, higasa, paraply.
A. umbrella

Q. During WWII, which cartoon character urged children to become Junior Commandos to help the war effort?
A. Little Orphan Annie

Q. What classic children's book, featuring a child from Kansas and a wizard, was published in 1900?
A. The Wizard of Oz

Q. As a child traveling west in a covered wagon with his family during the pioneer days, future Oregon politician Jesse Applegate and his chums invented a game that centered around an animal carcass. What did the children call the game?
A. Ox bouncing
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